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Day 31 – Before and After

Todays BEFORE AND AFTER is from Shontai’s session a few months back 🙂


Day 30 – Before and After

Today’s BEFORE AND AFTER is one of my Taylor from November 🙂


I’m really having fun doing these before and afters, hope you don’t get bored with them!

Day 29 – Before and After

Today’s BEFORE AND AFTER is a picture of Jamin from last summer 🙂


With that bright blue shirt and that red mulch behind him I had to really be careful when I added a little color pop, it was easy to go too far!

Day 28 – Before and After

This week’s theme for the blog is going to be BEFORE AND AFTER. I’ll be showing you what my pictures look like straight out of the camera and then what they look like processed 🙂

Here’s the first one…


Here’s what I did:

The picture was a little underexposed, so I did a curves adjustment and then added a slight color pop 🙂

Day 27 – Party Party

We went ahead and had Chloe’s birthday party this afternoon, thanks to all who came and braved the germs 🙂


Some other pictures I tried taking of her, don’t ya love these goofy faces 🙂