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Day 60

Happy Leap Day 🙂


I tried getting a picture of Taylor “leaping” it was so not pretty so this will have to do, lol.

And just to prove I’m not lying, here’s Taylor “leaping” haha I told you it wasn’t pretty 🙂


Day 59

Move over Dora, Chloe’s got a new favorite~


Chloe has become addicted to the kids show “Little Bear” The other two loved it when they were little and now Chloe has taken on that same tradition, lol. This picture is of her watching the show, I love to just sit and watch her face while she’s watching it, because she always smiles and laughs with Little Bear and his friends, seriously it’s too cute 🙂

Day 58


Taylor is back to school today, she’s feeling lots better. I ended up taking her to the doctor on Monday, she had strep throat and an ear infection, yuck! Then while she was home sick yesterday, she found her hamster Max in his cage dead 😦 She went to feed him and he was just lying there not moving! She was pretty sad about it, but she did manage to say, “He went to that big hamster wheel in the sky” which I thought was kinda funny, lol. We talked about doing a little burial for him, but with the ground frozen that didn’t work out…

Day 57


Chloe and HER dog Buster 🙂 Actually it’s papa’s dog but Chloe would never tell you that. She believes Buster belongs to her. She is totally crazy about this dog.

Day 56

I did a warm conversion on this one, seems overly orange/pink though, but I can’t seem to get it quite right! It’s been driving me bananas but I’m just gonna walk away and leave it alone now. Which is really hard to do cause I’m so stinkin’ anal 🙂

Ok, the color cast is seriously getting on my nerves, so I’m changing it to a b/w 🙂


Ok, by request I’m putting the color picture back up, I’m also including a fix I tried. I do think it looks much better, still not quite right but way better 🙂