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Day 90 – blah, blah, blah

I’m in a rut. A very deep rut.

It’s DAY 90 and I’ve got nothing.

And I’m getting bored with myself.

Seriously my blog is rather boring, you know you agree, so just admit it!

This winter has been so long and I’m running out of things to take pictures of.

I long for warm and sunny days.

But until then I leave you with this dreary sight:


Gosh, could I be more depressing or what? 🙂

Day 89

Little boy blue…


Yes I realize it would be a lot nicer without the HUGE wrinkles in the backdrop 🙂

Day 88 – Eleven

Taylor celebrated her eleventh birthday last Sunday on Easter. For her gift/party I took her and two of her friends to a local hotel for the night.

1. I went to the hotel early and decorated the room with HSM party stuff 🙂 I even took some of the hotels artwork off the wall to put this poster up, lol


2. Basically the girls spent the ENTIRE time in the swimming pool, they totally lucked out, they were the only people swimming which of course made it lots more fun.


3. Cannonball


Day 87

*ETA: The blue backdrop is a tablecloth 🙂

More of the blue backdrop…


As you can tell Chloe is real thrilled to pose for me, lol. She is actually sick with pink eye, cough and a runny nose. Am I mean or what, I still torture my children even when they are sick 🙂

Day 86 – Backgrounds

Hint: This background is not in the “bedding family”


Also I used my new lens (30mm) on this, and it looks like I’m getting too close to my subjects, which is causing a little distortion, Taylor’s face IS round but it looks a little fuller here…

Ok, she just saw this picture and said, “Man my nose is big, what you’d do to my face?!”

So apparently I’m not the only one seeing it, lol 🙂