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Day 108

In deep thought…

Me: Chloe, can I take some pictures of you?

Chloe: No. We’re playing house ‘member? You are the mom and I be the sisser.

Me: I know, I will be the mom taking pictures of you the sister. (sounds like a great idea right?!)

Chloe: No mom that’s not part of the game.


Day 107

Victory asked for a picture of Taylor, so here goes 🙂

This was taken awhile back, I was trying to get some sunflare, totally didn’t do so well, so I added a little fake sunflare in photoshop, lol.

Day 106

Haven’t picked up the camera in a few days, this was from earlier in the week. Chloe had just spotted a butterfly when I took this, she said “I’m gonna chase that butterfly” and was then running around the yard for awhile trying to get it, of course she wasn’t even close, lol.

Day 105

Another nice day outside 🙂

1. Chloe insisted on picking everyone of these purple flowers

2. A flower for mom…

Day 104

Remember Wilson from Home Improvement? And how they’d strategically put objects in front of him and you’d only get to see the bottom half of his face? That’s who Caleb reminds me of much of the day, he always walks around with his blankie like this …

ISO 400, f/2.2, SS 1/60