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Day 126

Taylor ran in the Girls on the Run 5K this morning 🙂

Several months ago she joined Girls on the Run at school. Basically it’s like a mix of cross country and self-esteem classes. They met twice a week, then today they had their final send-off with a 5K run in South Haven with all the other girls from area schools. I signed up to run/walk myself, but I was asked to stay and take pictures at the finish line of the girls as they crossed. Taylor wouldn’t of stayed with me during the run anyway, I would have been too slow for her, so I was happy to do as requested and take pictures, haha.

Day 125

A sneak peek for Kelly 🙂

Day 124

We spent our anniversary in Lansing yesterday.

We didn’t really go there for our anniversary, it just worked out that way. Lenny had an appointment to take a civil service exam there, so Chloe and I decided to tag along (the other kids had school). We went up Tuesday night, got a hotel (arrived too late for the pool-waah!) spent the night, then after Lenny’s exam the next morning we took Chloe to the zoo. It was a quick trip, but we had a nice time.

1. The Capitol Building. There were tons of people from Western Michigan University there (see all the yellow shirts?) they were singing on the capitol steps, not sure why though… maybe I’ll google it and see what was going on, since I’m nosy like that 🙂

2. Chloe at the hotel waiting for dad to return from his exam. She had so much fun at the hotel just getting into everything, they had a little safe that entertained her for awhile, she went through all the drawers, lost our keys, played with all the little soap bottles, it’s funny how exciting a simple hotel room can be to a three year old!

3. Feeding the giraffe a $2 cracker. Seriously two bucks for a lousy cracker, but hey it made for a great photo 🙂

4. Riding the MSU horse, haha. Lenny didn’t realize that Chloe picked the Spartan horse, he probably wouldn’t have let her ride it if he did, lol. But she looks adorable on it regardless 🙂

Day 123

Fourteen years ago today, I became Mrs. Lenny Weston

(Circa 1994, aren’t we just adorable?)

Here’s a couple pictures from our honeymoon, yes we went to Cedar Point, lol we were poor and living on love 🙂

These are really the only few photos I have from our honeymoon, I guess I wasn’t the picture-taking-freak I am today 🙂


In the 14 years since we said “I do”…

  1. We’ve had three children. Well to be technical I had the children )
  2. We’ve lived in seven different houses. The 7th house being our current home where we’ve lived for 8.5 years, which means during the first five years of our marriage, we moved six times.
  3. We’ve spent over 5000 nights together.
  4. Between the two of us, we’ve had seven different jobs. Not including all the places I worked one day and didn’t go back, haha.
  5. We’ve been back to Cedar Point dozens of times (hey we are still poor!)
  6. We’ve buried one brother, 2 aunts and 3 grandparents.
  7. We’ve had numerous fights (and make-ups)
  8. We’ve been blessed beyond measure 🙂

Day 122

You might be a Michigander…

So yesterday was a very WARM and muggy day, I literally was sweating during parts of it, so shouldn’t it come as a surprise that today I am freezing and have the furnace turned on? Not if your from Michigan, lol. Seriously last night it was so hot and muggy in the house that I finally turned the a/c on, Lenny thought I was crazy but I was really HOT so I thought why not, well this morning I get up and the house is FREEZING (no I didn’t leave the air on) it’s freezing because it’s only 40 degrees. Which reminded me of that saying, You might be from Michigan if you often switch from “heat” to “a/c” in the same day, haha, here’s a few more…

  • If you have ever gotten frostbitten and sunburned in the same week.
  • If you go to work in a snowsuit in the morning and return home wearing shorts.
  • If you have worn a coat and shorts at the same time.
  • If it’s ever snowed during Spring Break.

But whether it’s hot or it’s cold…

“This is the day which the LORD hath made” and I will be glad in it :)