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School’s out for summer {finally!}

Caleb can now join the rest of America and enjoy some time off from reading, writing and arithmetic (and maybe do a little swinging instead) 🙂

No pictures, just a funny

I was pretty sick last week and while resting for a moment, Chloe and I had this conversation:

Chloe: What’s wrong mom?

Me: I’m not feeling so good, wanna pray for me?

Chloe: Sure

Chloe: “Thank you Jesus for our food, A-men”

I’m sure God knew her heart was in the right place, LOL 🙂

The seriously adorable Jamin

We watched Jamin Saturday night so his momma and daddy could have an evening alone =) Becca asked if I could get a picture of him for his birthday invitations so the girls and I set out to do that as soon as Jamin came over. We had plenty of ideas but Jamin had his own, lol. We took him to a couple places around town, but he is just so busy I couldn’t get ANY eye contact from the boy. Most of the shots I took he’s looking away or running around just busy busy. Here’s a few of the ones we managed to get =)

1. This is on an old unused train track…

2. Here he was saying “choo-choo”

3. These last ones turned out the best because I had him sitting on a high chair so he wasn’t able to run from me =)

4. Peek-a-boo

5. Lastly, my favorite of the day =)

A new haircut

Getting ready for vacation bible school

Here’s Chloe modeling her new shirt we made for vacation bible school (which starts tonight) She probably shouldn’t be wearing it yet (don’t want it ruined before it even starts, lol) but she was so excited about her new shirt that I made a deal with her: she could wear it if I could take a picture =)