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Ugly Bus

Here’s the UGLY BUS, I have no clue what the story of this bus is, but it’s just sitting out in the middle of a field just outside of town. Ugly or not, I think it makes a good photo prop =)

(Taylor doing her serious model pose)

Crazy Bounce

We took the kids to Crazy Bounce in Holland yesterday

I took lots and lots of pictures, will post more after I’ve went through them.

This is not happening…

We have sixth grade orientation tonight. I can’t believe Taylor is beginning middle school. Where does the time go?!

Yearbook Yourself

You have got to try this! This was so fun and addicting, plan on spending an insane amount of time playing around on this website 🙂


Here’s how I would have looked in…




1990 (a year after I graduated and I only wished my hair looked this good, lol)

And here’s my sexy husband in





Here are some more


Taylor (we have a picture of my mom that looks just like this, lol)

Caleb (we have a picture of my dad that looks just like this too!)


Anybody wanna play house?

That’s all we do around here lately is play house (I usually get to be the grandma!)

Here’s Chloe getting her baby to sleep on her swing set, her version of a baby swing…

This one she was soothing the baby with a “shhhh, baby” (lol)