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Soccer Mania

From Taylor’s soccer game this morning…

1. Check out that tongue, haha. Lenny used to do that when he played basketball, must be where she got if from.

2. The second half of the game, she played goalie. {yeah! no goals scored on her either}

3. Grandma and papa were there too {and Chloe obviously was there as well}

Dinner and a Movie

While the big kids were away at school, Chloe and I went on a little dinner/movie date.

Notice the yummy roll on the table, mmmmm… they are my favorite!

I didn’t get a picture at the movies, but we saw IGOR. It was cute and funny. I was disappointed with one part though, they totally said a swear word, don’t see any reason why they had to include that in a kids movie?!

Take 2

Ok actually more like Take 4 or 5, lol. More pictures with Robby, this time we headed to the football field, here’s a quick one.

(Special) Olympics

We had our annual church olympics last weekend, it’s always a bunch of fun with a lot of crazy messes. My team came in dead last, we totally stunk this year, lol. But even so we had fun and the little exercise I got certainly didn’t hurt me any =)


Here’s Taylor in the middle of her jump shot (and yes she made a basket)

Book Signing

Last weekend Karla and I got together and went to a book signing. It was the first one I’d ever been to, I met Beverly Lewis (a christian novelist who has written tons of Amish books) She seemed like such a sweet lady with a gentle spirit. Karla took my picture with Beverly but I didn’t figure you’d wanna see that so here’s a picture of my signed book instead =)