Now will you say cheese?

You will notice in my last post under the comments section that it was suggested that I was playing favorites with my children by posting too many Chloe pictures and not enough Taylor & Caleb pictures. In defense of myself I told the truth: my other two children run from the camera while Chloe can still be bribed, lol.  I was then given a suggestion: tie them down.


So this is for you Victory.

(no children were hurt in the making of this photo)

Playing Store




Before they are gone…

I’ve got to get out and get some fall pictures soon before the gorgeous colors are gone!

A shot of Chloe’s haircut, she only got her bangs trimmed but I’m happy, I can finally see her eyes again, lol.  She went to Mimi’s cutter (Chloe’s words not mine) =)

Meet Nate

From Sunday’s session…

(and check out the new watermark!)

Daddy’s Girl

I had a session Sunday afternoon so Chloe and Lenny tagged along with me. They walked around the park and down to the beach while I was taking pictures. Chloe was collecting acorns and trying to chase down squirrels to feed them to, lol. I took this quick shot after the session. It would have been even cuter if Chloe would have left her light purple dress on she wore to church, then they could have been all matchy matchy =)